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We offer subscription service for £ 80 for 24 months. 

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We can help you with any spreadsheet task you require. We fill the totals, format charts, monthly income, yearly gross, use PMT and IPMT function for a mortgage, apply conditional formatting.



We use the PMT function to explore monthly and yearly compouding, use Googe Drive to collect data, data analysis. We format  Advanced Pie Charts for Monthly Budgeting, Advanced Gross Revenue Column Chart, Advanced Combo and Scatter Chart, use What If Analysis function to calculate changes in Data. We delete duplicate data, create email addresses with Formulas, Concatenate. We work out true cost for car loans, personal loans using PMT and IPMT function to work out interest. We sort large amount of Data, filtering and analysing. We subtotal data, create pivot tables, macros.

We will start working for you for any other spreadsheet tasks if you pay us £ 50 deposit.

Lion Spreadsheets 

Lion Spreadsheets 

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